How get access to kubernetes slack?

I need to raise a couple of questions at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub. Clicking on "New Issue I get forwarded to a page where I need an email with an extension “@get-an-invite-at.slack.kube” and it is indicated that "Don’t have an email address?
Contact the workspace administrator at Kubernetes for an invitation. but it is not indicated where I can find the administrator email. Can you please help? Thanks

@eliassal you should be able to go to to sign up and get the invite. I assume you clicked the open button in the attached screenshot?

Thanks, I visited the url entered my email but there was an issue with my sntp server which was fixed 1 hour later. Now when I try to sing again I get
Invitation email never sent. How can I resubmit? Thanks again

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Please ignore my response as I received the invitation right now

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Awesome! Glad you got the invite :slight_smile:

Hi, I don’t want to open a new topic of the same problem

I don’t receive the confirmation email and I cannot enter :sob:


Anyone could help me? Thanks!!