Slack invitation not sent

Hi, new here and trying to get an invite into the K8s slack channel on for which I was told I needed to use
I repeatedly filled in my email and right now it says image
However I have recieved no email and it’s been at least 8 hours so far from the first attempt.
Anyone know how I can ask for a resend or try another mathod of obtaining an invite?
Any input would be welcome. Thx!

Slack Admin here: is your email the one associated with your account? we can try sending it another invite. If that doesn’t work, may need to contact slack or try a different email address. We don’t have any control over the delivery of the invites themselves =/ those come from slack directly.

Thanks @mrbobbytables.
It is the same email.
I have still gottone no email however when I logged in to slack again just now I found an invite to the channel so it appears all’s good now!

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