How to consecutively render k8s helm template variable such that output of inner double curly braces also render after outer double curly braces

In my values.yaml file there is following yaml

    - custom:
        - dependsOn:
          - abc-master
          - xyz-load
          - '{{ $.Values.elementType }}-AS'
          - '{{ $.Values.elementType }}-CM'
          inputs: admin.yaml
          name: '{{ $.Values.elementType }}-admin'
          timeout: 1800s
      name: admin

  repository: repoUrl
  version: 22.0.1-109

When i fetch "name": {{ $ }} it returns correct result by parsing {{ $.Values.elementType }} as well to IG so actual output becomes "name": IG-admin but when i try to acces "dependsOn": {{ $release.dependsOn }} , it returns "dependsOn": [abc-master xyz-load {{ $.Values.elementType }}-AS {{ $.Values.elementType }}-CM] which is not the result wanted. It fails to render {{ $.Values.elementType }} here.

What I tried I tried by assigning each value of the {{ $release.dependsOn }} to another variable and re-ccombining but it gave same output. I tried to search but failed to find any relevant links.