How to set DOCKER_HOST with fixed ip address in minikube?

I am using eclipse docker tooling perspective to handle minikube docker repository on windows 10. The installation and configuration of minikube are successful.

> minikube docker-env
$Env:DOCKER_HOST = "tcp://"
$Env:DOCKER_CERT_PATH = "C:\Users\joseph\.minikube\certs"
# To point your shell to minikube's docker-daemon, run:
# & minikube -p minikube docker-env | Invoke-Expression

When managing docker images, I use docker explorer of docker tooling perspective in eclipse ide. And below image is the the Docker Connection Dialog


[Test Connection] is successful and the connection throws no errors. But the problem is the DOCKER_HOST of minikube is variable. The DOCKER_HOST is not fixed and is changeable whenever minikube is started. I want to know how to fix the DOCKER_HOST ip address when minikube is started.