Introducing kubeswitch - the kubectx for operators

Kubeswitch (short: switch) can be used just like kubectx but is specially designed to work with a large number of kubeconfig files (designed for hundreds to thousands of kubeconfigs). Only for kubecontext switching, no namespace switching, etc.

  • Read kubeconfigs from Vault or Filesystem

  • Use pre-computed search index (instead of search from filesystem or Vault API)

  • Hot reload capabilities

  • Terminal isolation / session

  • Configurable via hooks (think pre-commit hooks)

  • identify the kubecontext more easily: adds semantics by including the parent folder name / Vault parent path to the search

You can get it from here or via

brew install danielfoehrkn/switch/switch
source $HOMEBREW_CELLAR/switch/v0.1.0/