Join 'master' without joining the quorum

I have a node from which I want perform most configuration actions.
However, I do not want it to be part of the control-plane quorum.
I have found documentation which indicates that this can be done by modifiction to


My problem is that this file does not exist on the microk8s which I have installed.
I am running Ubuntu 23 and have snap install microk8s --classic.

snap info microk8s

Which gives (in part)

name:      microk8s
summary:   Kubernetes for workstations and appliances
publisher: Canonical✓
license:   Apache-2.0
tracking:     1.27/stable                               
installed:               v1.27.5             (5891) 177MB classic

The microk8s snap appears to be installed in /snap/microk8s/ with subdirectories 5891 and current.
current being a symlink to 5891.
Where do I put these updates?

Ref: kube-controller-manager | Kubernetes