Kubectl drain selectively applying eviction to pods of some daemonsets

Is there a way to specify daemonset(s) whose pod(s) eviction should not be carried out but evict pods of other daemonsets as well as non-daemonsets based pods?

From the output of

kubectl drain --help

The effect of the default value of --ignore-daemonsets is briefly explained as follows

        Ignore DaemonSet-managed pods.

But what is the longer explanation of this setting (" --ignore-daemonsets=false").
Does it

  1. Remove also remove (evict) daemonset based pod(s) from the node along with other pods.
  2. Does it keep the daemonset based pod(s) that currently on the given node while the non-daemonset based pods are evicted from the given node?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.24.2
Cloud being used: none (N/A)
Installation method: on-premises
Host OS: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)
CNI and version: Calico v3.24.0
CRI and version: CRI-O v1.24.2

one you initiate a “drain” command to a node a check for daemonset pods will occur - if there are Pods running on that node which are part of a daemonset - the drain will not occur untill you allow the eviction of daemonset pods using the flag: --ignore-daemonsets