Looking for cadvisor release 0.47.2 on gcr.io/cadvisor/cadvisor

cadvisor 0.47.2 was released yesterday. Previous releases, including 0.47.1, were published to the following GCR repository.

https://gcr.io/cadvisor/cadvisor [1]

0.47.2 is notably absent from this repository.

% skopeo list-tags docker://gcr.io/cadvisor/cadvisor | jq -r '.Tags[]' | grep -F v0.47.

Am I looking in the right place?


  1. Do you see a Google login prompt? This repo is open to public pulls. I have no idea why the GCR web UI prompts for auth. Anyway, if you bung in the deets for some Google identity, the GCR UI will finally divulge its not-so-secrets. ↩︎