Microk8s - multi master support?

a very beginner question: does microk8s supports adding more than one master or able to join federation?

If not, whats the roadmap for these features?

We are Ubuntu fans and would love to prefer Ubuntu’s solution for kubernetes as well :slight_smile:

Hi @aleyrizvi

Multi-master setup is offered as part of the HA work we have available as preview. Have a look at [1], your feedback is much appreciated.

We do not have anything for federation on our roadmap. As MicroK8s is a certified distribution we expect federation to work without much effort. Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist in that direction.

Always a pleasure to meet ubuntu fans.

[1] https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s/issues/1127#issuecomment-629651489


Thanks kjackal.

One more and last question : Do you recommend microk8s over baremetal vs inside lxd?
We have some services running inside lxd already (kafka, mysql, rabbitmq, etc).

The recommended way is to use MicroK8s on baremetal. Lxc containers need a special profile (see [1]) so MicroK8s on lxc is also possible with some additional effort.

[1] https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s/tree/master/tests/lxc

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The newer LXD also gives you the option of full VMs for your machines, and MicroK8s would work perfectly well in those VMs without any special config needed.

Won’t extra overhead of lxd vm be an issue?

If you do not have the resources to spare it may become an issue.

It sounds like you have an interesting setup planned (federation of clusters, lxc containers), could you provide more details?

Sure, I can try.

Basically, we have 3 servers each running docker swarm in 3 different data center (amsterdam, sweden, tallinn).

They are basically running our voip and sms services (heard of twilio? we are similar)

Now, we are working on an emergency communication protocol and going to push kubernetes not only on all our production but also edge (each location has 5x raspberry pis running ubuntu core and swarm for now). ~ 150 locations.

So, if we can keep all clusters isolated but manageable centrally (federation), that is our end goal.

The end nodes are basically universities and schools running emergency alarms to notify faculty and students to stay out of the premises and call emergency services.

We saw rancher, rke for core and k3s for edge but would really like to achieve it by staying with microk8s :slight_smile:

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Oh and I forgot to mention:
We use LXC containers to host stateful services on the same servers. Mysql, rabbitmq, redis, etc.