MicroK8s progress report

In this thread we would like to inform our users of the progress within the MicroK8s project.

Sprint report of 15 to 29 November 2021

The theme of this sprint was: “Prepare for the v1.23 release”

  • We merged the support for worker only nodes in dqlite based clusters. This included:

    • Refactor the clustering commands in a pythonic way
    • Add tests for clustering worker nodes
    • Label nodes based on their role
    • Update our docs page
  • We added support for MicroK8s on M1 Mac

  • We reviewed and merged the following external contributions, thank you:

    • ingress for Kubernetes dashboard addon
    • upgrade keda to the latest version
    • Linkerd upgrade
    • upgrade metrics server
    • upgrade jaeger operator
    • Remove deprecated configuration from containerd
  • Updated the nginx ingress controller add-on

  • On strictly confined MicroK8s we now support editing manifests with microk8s kubectl edit. Try it with: snap install microk8s --channel=latest/edge/strict

  • For the charmed MicroK8s we landed two PRs to

    • configure SANs in MicroK8s units and
    • prevent breaking cluster by downgrading to older versions
  • Added a documentation page on NVIDIA DGX support

  • The upcoming released 1.23 will have the following changes on its default args:

    • k8s service profiling will be disabled
    • event-ttl will be set to 5min
    • insecure-port will be removed
  • Bug/usability fixes:

    • callback token removal so distributed ops do not try to reach departed nodes
    • the inspection script will detect missing modules on RPi on 21.10

Sprint report of 29 November to 13 December 2021

The theme of this sprint was: “Release v1.23 and restructure our docs”

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Sprint report of 13 December 2021 to 10 January 2022

The theme of this sprint was: “Happy holidays and a happy new year!”

  • Update the Mac and Windows installers to use the latest Multipass and deploy K8s v1.23

  • Update the runc build part to use Go 1.16

  • Bug/usability fixes:

    • Fix ingress leader election when RBAC is enabled in 1.23
    • Address the Log4J vulnerability issues
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