MTU in calico

I want to change the MTU used by my pods.
Following Configure MTU to maximize network performance I am able to do that by changing the veth_mtu. However, I found that the vxlan.calico interface on the bare-metal machine that hosts the pods is still 1410, which hurts performance.
I also tried to edit the mtu field using kubectl edit cm calico-config -n kube-system but to no avail.
Any suggestions? Thank you

You did restart the calico-node

Hello, yes I have restarted the whole microk8s service with microk8s stop && microk8s start.
Is what I did correct? Thank you

Yup. That will do.

I forgot to ask, did you change the mtu of the host’s network interface you are using?

Hi @balchua1 this was indeed my issue. I manage to change the MTU in the pod by changing the veth_mtu field, but not the MTU on the virtual interface on the host.
Apparently, I have to change the env FELIX_VXLANMTU for that to happen, by editing the calico-node daemonset.
If you have any other way of doing it please let me know.