NAPPTIVE - a new multi-tenant kubernetes solution to simplify deploying applications

Hi everyone,
We have been working in the past months to create a product that simplifies the creation of development environments for Kubernetes with support for the Open Application Model ( Some of the main features are:

  • Simplified creation of development environments, just login and you will obtain a free kubernetes cluster partition. The namespaces expire every 24 hours in the free tier, but you can login again and deploy new apps to obtain a new namespace.
  • User management is integrated with GitHub
  • Open Application Model ready
  • Application catalog, similar to docker hub but for whole applications.
  • We are an addon to kubernetes, so you can access through our CLI, or just get the kubeconfig and use the standard tools.

We have released a free tier to test the MVP and our plan is to open source some parts of the core such as the catalog for the broader community. If you are interested, just go to and check our getting started, or the general documentation.