New site theme feedback thread


The new theme is live! :slight_smile:
Please post any comments or suggestions regarding the new default theme in this thread.




It looks like this text is displayed twice:
" This site is governed by the CNCF Code of Conduct. Check out our quick tutorial video on how to effectively subscribe to topics."

Once in the logo and then right below it



So in practice I think having the tall banner pushes the content down too far. I was thinking maybe trimming the top of the banner, and then dropping the “Kubernetes” from the text so it’s just “Community Forums”. Also we’d want the banner to show up under all the categories too right?

Here’s the original design for ref (number 3): Quick state of (and also help us pick a great design!)



cc @joebuhlig



So I’m thinking removing the text from the header image and keeping the popup thing, but perhaps style it so it matches better instead of the blue on light-blue.



Just made this change. Thoughts?

Do you want this? In most cases I’ve seen them restricted to the homepage so it’s not overwhelming in all the other places.

Just tightened this up a bit.

You mean styling the text in the box below the header and removing it inside the header?



I was seeing this issue on my machine as well: K8s Logo Looks Stretched

So I changed this up. @macintoshprime, can you confirm this is working on your end?

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I was just about to let you know it looks great! I will check on mobile in just a minute but the desktop performs awesome.

New design looks great so far!

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A+ for the mobile side of things.

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Mobile needs a tweak for the stats section at the end of each section.



I don’t think it’s too overwhelming, but let’s see what other people think perhaps.




looks great!

a few comments:

  • the text in the banner isn’t aligned on the left with the rest of the content (logo at the top and content below). Can we fix it so it’s aligned with?

  • I also think that the banner is a bit too tall, maybe decrease the height of the banner by about 1/5th or 1/6th (less tall, so right now it is about 280px and maybe make it 220 - 240px tall?)

  • I think the banner should be on each page, just because going back and forth from the home page to other pages makes the content appear at different levels which is a bit of a weird experience, if possible can we add the banner to every page?

thank you very much, looks good!

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Got this one.

What are your thoughts on how to handle this? Change the background color to the bright blue color?

Should have this one done.

Give that a try.

Ok. I put this in place.



Thank you very much! looks great!

One very last request (sorry to be so nitpicky), I think the text/header should be vertically centered in the banner? Right now it’s closer to the top on my screen. Thank you!!

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Currently, I would agree with you. But does that hold if/when we remove the extra description below “Community Forums?” My guess is that centering that title will feel odd.



Hmm, not sure on how this would look. Just feels like the default light blue doesn’t fit with the header.

(All the other changes look great so far!)



Caught some weird behaviour on mobile. The text also goes pretty wide when in portrait mode



Have you thought about using a white logo for the banner instead of the blue-ish grey logo and making it like .25 opacity?



@joebuhlig Can we get these last final adjustments in? Thanks!