[PLEASE READ] Kubernetes registry redirect - k8s.gcr.io -> registry.k8s.io

On March 20th, the Kubernetes registry hosted at k8s.gcr.io will be redirected to registry.k8s.io.

This change should be transparent to the majority of users, those that use restrictive network policies or use clients that do not handle redirects you will likely be impacted. See this blog post for more information:


The deprecated k8s.gcr.io registry will be phased out at some point.

Is there a fixed date (or a rough estimation) of when the deprecated k8s.gcr.io is going to be fully phased out ?

No - there are a multitude variables in play, such as budget. If the costs to operates it continue to go up, it will be phased out sooner. We will communicate that date if we have to go that route. There are -no- guarantees around it past April 3rd. The sooner you can get off of it the better.

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Understood, thank you for your quick response !

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@mrbobbytables I understand that any image pull requests to k8s.gcr.io are redirected to registry.k8s.io. This has been in place for about ten days already and does not cause any service disruptions to legacy Kubernetes clusters/ services as long the peripheral network permits communication with registry.k8s.io.

Is my assumption correct that this redirect will be in place for several years to ensure that legacy K8s clusters can continue to operate?

No - K8s 1.22+ all default to the new registry, and older clusters can be pointed at it with a config change. The redirect is a temporarily measure to help people migrate to the new one. We do not have a specific timeline, but its months - not years.

i need help please i have been getting error execution phase preflight: [preflight] Some fatal errors occurred,
am Using Kubernetes version: v1.27.1
and this is the erro i had all the time To see the stack trace of this error execute with --v=5 or higher, please i need help
im a beginer in kubernetes installation using ubuntu 22.04 jammy

@andress_felipe please create a separate topic on your issue. This thread is for discussions related to the registry change.

I also suggest posting the full log or more of the errors. It’s pretty much impossible to triage without more information.

ok thanks am creating a post on that now and if there’s any help you can offered then i will be grateful sir

What are steps we could do in order to change manually the k8s.gcr.io to registry.k8s.io?

If you’re on the most recent version of 1.22+ you should be using it already.

To manually change over the instructions can be found in this blog post:

You will just need to swap k8s.gcr.io for registry.k8s.io in the instructions.

Hello! Just checking in here in case there are any updates on the remaining runway for k8s.gcr.io, thanks :slight_smile: