browse/search interface

Hi, faster, cheaper and Generally Available (GA) explained the switch to the new image registry, which includes SIG images that our clusters use like K8s sig-storage’s csi-provisioner.

Is there any interface for browsing/searching

Previously we could browse/search these images using the Google Cloud web interface, e.g. Google Cloud console, which would also give us some basic details like image digest. Without a web interface, we can get by using a tool like skopeo to get information for specific image names, but there are many times a web interface would be much more convenient.

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The short answer is no. - There are no plans for that.

I pinged some other folks, and while K8s has no plans to have an official web interface for there is this site you can use to browse it and other registries:

@mrbobbytables - Thanks for the quick reply. The GGCR link is helpful, thanks for sharing that.