Problems since adding 2 nodes to a single node

i have running microk8s bare metal at home, everything was fine on a single node.

Since i add 2 Nodes i have some problems:

  • ClusterIssuer
Warning  ErrVerifyACMEAccount  23m (x15 over 74m)  cert-manager  Failed to verify ACME account: context deadline exceeded
Warning  ErrInitIssuer         23m (x15 over 74m)  cert-manager  Error initializing issuer: context deadline exceeded
  • a pod on an new Node can´t access Internetradio
    [22-06-23 09:13:17.1510] Slim::Plugin::InternetRadio::Plugin::_gotRadioError (71) Unable to retrieve radio directory from SN: Couldn't resolve IP address for:

Is there an DNS-Problem on the new nodes? Or how can i find out what goes wrong?

If more information or logs needed please give me a hint.

For test i removed the 2 nodes so i have only the first one.

  • ClusterIssuer
    Delete and deploy some stuff so the cert-manager try to solve ACME-challenge again →
CertificateIssued      certificaterequest/nextcloud-secret-bdmrm               Certificate fetched from issuer successfully
Issuing                certificate/nextcloud-secret                            The certificate has been successfully issued
  • Internetradio
    only wait until the new pod is up → the pod find the stream

Please help me to fix it.

Is there really no one who can help me find and fix the cause of my problem?