Weave Flux 1.6.0 released!

Weave Flux, the GitOps operator, had its 1.6.0 relase today.

This release improves existing features, and has some new goodies like regexp tag filtering and multiple sync paths. Have fun!

We also have a new contributing guide.


  • Update example manifests to Kubernetes 1.9+ API versions [weaveworks/flux#1322]
  • Operate with more restricted RBAC permissions [weaveworks/flux#1298]
  • Verify baked-in host keys (against known good fingerprints) during build [weaveworks/flux#1283]
  • Support authentication for GKE, AWS, etc., when fluxctl does automatic port forwarding [weaveworks/flux#1284]
  • Respect tag filters in fluxctl release ... , unless --force is given [weaveworks/flux#1270]


  • Cope with ':' characters in resource names [weaveworks/flux#1282]
  • Accept multiple --git-path arguments; sync (and update) files in all the paths given [weaveworks/flux#1297]
  • Use image pull secrets attached to service accounts, as well as those attached to workloads themselves [weaveworks/flux#1291]
  • You can now filter images using regular expressions (in addition to semantic version ranges, and glob patterns) [weaveworks/flux#1292]


Thank you to the following for contributions on Github: Alien2150, ariefrahmansyah, brandon-bethke-neudesic, bzon, dholbach, dkerwin, hartmut-pq, hiddeco, justinbarrick, petervandenabeele, nicolerenee, rndstr, squaremo, stefanprodan, stephenmoloney.

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