Weave Flux 1.12.0 comes with e2e integration tests and lots of improvements and fixes


Flux 1.12.0

@squaremo squaremo released this 19 hours ago

This release renames some fluxctl commands and arguments while deprecating others, to better follow Kubernetes terminology. In particular, it drops the term “controller” in favour of “workload”;
e.g., instead of

fluxctl list-controllers --controller=...

there is now

fluxctl list-workloads --workload=...

The old commands are deprecated but still available for now.

It also extends the namespace restriction flag ( --k8s-allow-namespace , with a deprecated alias --k8s-namespace-whitelist ) to cover all operations, including syncing; previously, it covered only query operations e.g., list-images etc…



  • Use “workload” as the term for resources that specify pods to run, in fluxctl commands and wherever else it is needed weaveworks/flux#1777
  • Make regex an alias for regexp in tag filters weaveworks/flux#1915
  • Be more sparing when logging AWS detection failures; add flag for requiring AWS authentication; observe ECR restrictions on region and account regardless of AWS detection weaveworks/flux#1863
  • Treat all *List (e.g., DeploymentList ) resources as lists weaveworks/flux#1883
  • Add host key for legacy VSTS (now Azure DevOps) weaveworks/flux#1870
  • Extend namespace restriction to all operations, and change the name of the flag to --k8s-allow-namespace weaveworks/flux#1668
  • Avoid updating images when there is no record for the current image weaveworks/flux#1831
  • Include the file name in the error when kubeyaml fails to update a manifest weaveworks/flux#1815

Maintenance and documentation


Many thanks to 2opremio, AmberAttebery, alanjcastonguay, alexanderbuhler, arturo-c, benhartley, cruisehall, @dholbach, dimitropoulos, @hiddeco, hlascelles, ipedrazas, jrryjcksn, marchmallow, mazzy89, @mulcahys, nabadger, pmquang, southbanksoftwaredeveloper, @squaremo, srueg, @stefanprodan, stevenpall, stillinbeta, swade1987, timfpark, vanderstack for contributions.



The 1.12.0 release was accompanied by the 0.8.0 release of the Helm operator:

Helm operator 0.8.0

@hiddeco hiddeco released this 19 hours ago

This release bumps the Helm API package and binary to v2.13.0 ; although we have tested and found it to be backwards compatible, we recommend running Tiller >=2.13.0 from now on.


  • Detect changes made to git chart source in HelmRelease weaveworks/flux#1865
  • Cleanup git chart source clone on HelmRelease removal weaveworks/flux#1865
  • Add chartFileRef option to valuesFrom to support using a non-default values yamel from a git-sourced Helm chart weaveworks#1909
  • Reimplement --git-poll-interval to control polling interval of git mirrors for chart sources weaveworks/flux#1910

Maintenance and documentation


Thanks to hpurmann, @2opremio, arturo-c, @squaremo, @stefanprodan, @hiddeco, and others for their contributions to this release, feedback, and bringing us one step closer to a GA-release.