Weave Flux 1.7.0 released!



Weave Flux is the GitOps operator for Kubernetes. Today we released 1.7.0.

This release has a soupçon of bug fixes. It gets a minor version bump, because it introduces a new flag, --listen-metrics .


  • Updates to workloads using initContainers can now succeed weaveworks/flux#1351
  • Port forwarding to GCP (and possibly others) works as intended weaveworks/flux#1334
  • No longer falls over if the directory given as --git-path doesn’t exist weaveworks/flux#1341
  • fluxctl doesn’t try to connect to the cluster when just reporting its version weaveworks/flux#1332
  • Metadata for unusable images (e.g., those for the wrong architecture) are now correctly recorded, so that they don’t get fetched continually weaveworks/flux#1304


  • Prometheus metrics can be exposed on a port different from that of the flux API, using the flag --listen-metrics weaveworks/flux#1325


Thank you to the following for contributions (along with anyone I’ve missed): @ariefrahmansyah, @brantb, @casibbald, @davidkarlsen, @dholbach, @hiddeco, @justinbarrick, @kozejonaz, @lelenanam, @petervandenabeele, @rade, @rndstr, @squaremo, @stefanprodan, @the-fine.


Hot on the heels of 1.7.0, here’s a patch release: 1.7.1.

It’s three bug fixes you might be interested in:

  • Include initContainers when scanning for images to fetch metadata for, e…g, so there will be “available image” rows for the initContainer in fluxctl list-images weaveworks/flux#1372
  • Turn memcached’s logging verbosity down, in the example deployment YAMLs weaveworks/flux#1369
  • Remove mention of an archaic fluxctl command from help text weaveworks/flux#1389

Thanks for fixes go to @alanjcastonguay, @dholbach, and @squaremo.