Weave Flux 1.8.0 is out!



Get Weave Flux 1.8.0 from https://github.com/weaveworks/flux/releases/tag/1.8.0

This release includes a change to how image registries are scanned for metadata, which should reduce the amount of polling, while being sensitive to image metadata that changes frequently, as well as respecting throttling.



  • Apply CustomResourceDefinition manifests ahead of (most) other kinds of resource, since there will likely be other things that depend on the definition (e.g., the custom resources themselves) weaveworks/flux#1429
  • Add --git-timeout flag for setting the default timeout for git operations (useful e.g., if you know git clone will take a long time) weaveworks/flux#1416
  • fluxctl list-controllers now has an alias fluxctl list-workloads weaveworks/flux#1425
  • Adapt the sampling rate for image metadata, and back off when throttled weaveworks/flux#1354
  • The detailed rollout status of workloads is now reported in the API (NB this is not yet used in the command-line tool) weaveworks/flux#1380


A warm thank-you to AugustasV, MansM, Morriz, MrYadro, Timer, aaron-trout, bhavin192, brandon-bethke-neudesic, brantb, bzon, dbluxo, @dholbach, dlespiau, endrec, hiddeco, justdavid, justinbarrick, kozejonaz, lelenanam, leoblanc, marcemq, marcusolsson, mellena1, mt-inside, ncabatoff, pcfens, rade, rndstr, sc250024, sfrique, skurtzemann, @squaremo, @stefanprodan, stephenmoloney, timthelion, tlvu, whereismyjetpack, white-hat, @wstrange for your contributions.