Weave Flux 1.10.0 and 1.10.1 brings deeper Azure integration and big other improvements



Flux 1.10.1

@2opremio 2opremio released this 18 hours ago

This release provides a deeper integration with Azure (DevOps Git hosts and ACR) and allows configuring how fluxctl finds fluxd (useful for clusters with multiple fluxd installations).



Lots of thanks to alanjcastonguay, @hiddeco, and sarath-p for their contributions to this release.

Flux 1.10.0

@hiddeco hiddeco released this 7 days ago

This release adds the --registry-exclude-image flag for excluding images from scanning, allows for registries with self-signed certificates, and fixes several bugs.


  • Bumped justinbarrick/go-k8s-portforward to 1.0.2 to correctly handle multiple paths in the KUBECONFIG env variable weaveworks/flux#1658
  • Improved handling of registry challenge requests (preventing memory leaks) weaveworks/flux#1672
  • Altered merging strategy for image credentials, which previously could lead to Flux trying to fetch image details with credentials from a different workload weaveworks/flux#1702


  • Allow (potentially all) images to be excluded from scanning weaveworks/flux#1659
  • --registry-insecure-host now first tries to skip TLS host verification before falling back to HTTP, allowing registries with self-signed certificates weaveworks/flux#1526
  • Allow HOME env variable when invoking Git which allows for mounting a config file under $HOME/config/git weaveworks/flux#1644
  • Several documentation improvements and clarifications weaveworks/flux{#1656, #1675, #1681}
  • Removed last traces of linting weaveworks/flux#1673
  • Warn users about external changes in sync tag weaveworks/flux#1695


Lots of thanks to 2opremio, alanjcastonguay, bheesham, brantb, dananichev, @dholbach, dmarkey, @hiddeco, ncabatoff, rade, @squaremo, switchboardOp, @stefanprodan and Timer for their contributions to this release, and anyone I’ve missed while writing this note.


Just as a quick follow-up and invitation to everyone who’s interested in Flux and its development.

The next Weave Flux dev meeting is happening:


Please find the video recording, agenda and meeting minutes at: https://github.com/weaveworks/flux/wiki/Meeting#2019-02-26