Weave Flux 1.9.0 is out

@squaremo just released Weave Flux 1.9.0:

This release adds native support for ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry) authentication.



  • Authenticate to ECR using a token from AWS IAM, when possible weaveworks/flux#1619
  • Make it possible, and the default for new deployments, to configure a ClusterIP for memcached (previously it was only possible to use DNS service discovery) weaveworks/flux#1618


This release was made possible by welcome contributions from 2opremio, agcooke, cazzoo, davidkarlsen, @dholbach, dmarkey, donifer, ericbarch, @errordeveloper, florianrusch, gellweiler, @hiddeco, isindir, k, marcincuber, markbenschop, Morriz, rndstr, roffe, runningman84, shahbour, @squaremo, srueg, @stefanprodan, @stephenmoloney, switchboardOp, tobru, tux-00, u-phoria, Viji-Sarathy-Bose.