What is docker engine version in use with your k8s cluster?


Hi,my k8s just upgraded to 1.11. 0, and wonder if docker engine could have an upgrade as well. Currently it is 1.13, quite old.



The current recommended version of the docker engine is 17.03. You should be able to upgrade beyond that, but things are only currently tested against 17.03.


Thanks. it seems to me 1.13 of old version is the same as ce version 17.03, isn’t it?


Looks like it is! Didn’t realize that.

There are two main issues that seem to be tracking this:

17.06 looks to be supported, but will issue a warning.


EOF, not good. Latest not tested. even though CRI is in place, I bet docker is the only one dominating the use cases.


Now Version 18.06 is recommended.

On each of your machines, install Docker. Version 18.06 is recommended, but 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 and 17.03 are known to work as well. Keep track of the latest verified Docker version in the Kubernetes release notes.

FYI. CRI installation - Kubernetes