Where to post links for tutorials? linking to github = spam?


Hey Guys!

I’ve been working on a handful of tutorials with video… I don’t want to spam the board so where is/what is the best place to post them?


  • Matthew


Also, I noticed when linking to code on github it gets flagged as spam … what gives? :frowning:


@yomateod re: the spam – The askimet anti-spam engine evaluates post and takes into account the user’s trust levels. In this case it was flagged for a trust level 1 user creating posts that all contained a link that pointed to the same domain in rapid succession. I flagged them as ‘not spam’ (they should be visible now), and have gone ahead and added github.com to the global domain whitelist.

The anti-spam system will learn as we flag/unflag posts. These little bumps will probably just be a part of the initial growing pains of the forum. :confused: For now, we do have have an active pool of moderators who can unflag posts; so if something did get flagged that shouldn’t have, it should be unflagged relatively quickly.