[ANNOUNCEMENT] Kubernetes 1.26 Electrifying Released

Hello Kubernetes Community,

Kubernetes v1.26 :zap:Electrifying :zap:has been released with v1.26.0 now available :tada:. More details can be found in the Kubenetes v1.26 blog post and in the release notes.

Packages for v1.26.0 are available via the GitHub Release page. Debian and RPM packages are available through package managers. For details please see the email from the Branch Managers [3].

Additionally, code freeze for v1.26 has been lifted and both kubernetes/kubernetes and kubernetes/website are now thawed. Thank you for your patience.

Huge shoutout to the release team, SIG Release, and every contributor who contributed to make this release possible!

The Kubernetes v1.26 retrospective will be held at 9:00 PST on Tuesday 13th of December. Please add any discussion topics, comments, or concerns to the v1.26 retro doc.


Leonard Pahlke
Kubernetes v1.26 Release Team Lead
On behalf of the Release Team