Best practice to bind IP AdressRange depending of juju-rack-controller

Hello k8s-metallb-ers,

is there a way to tell metallb to use two distinct IPAdressRanges depending on the juju-zone of the corresponding node?

My setting is as follows:

I have bare-metal provisionned by MAAS; there are two racks with IP Range 192.168.A.0/24 on the left rack and 192.168.B.0/24 on the right rack. Juju is on top providing charmed-kubernetes. The worker-nodes are balanced by juju on both left and right rack.

Now, I want metallb to assign an IP from IP-Range 192.168.A.0/24 if the node is on a worker in the left rack and from IP-Range 192.168.B.0/24 if the node is on a worker on the right rack. How can it be done?

Best regards and thanks for your time.