Do not use the Boulegueur in production!

So I appreciate Kubernetes at work and looove Unity for side (game) projects.

I got the idea to mix them and I’m proud to present you yet another useless Kubernetes tool called Boulegueur (shaker in Provençal / a dialect from south of France) : as a tank in hostile field, you have to survive and kill opponents.

  • Each opponent is a pod in a name space.
  • Each kill calls the cluster API to delete the related pod via the Kubernetes API calls.

For now I pompously claim :stuck_out_tongue: that it can be used to stress solutions or roughly compare Kubernetes clusters performances.

I’m looking for any other usefulness ideas or a way to enhance solution stress with Kubernetes API calls.

Here are the install instructions and downloads (binaries for Windows & Mac). Have fun and use it at your own risk :wink:

I will appreciate any feedbacks and if someone had fun with it please tell me. For now it was only tested with Rancher desktop / Kubernetes 1.23.6 and a Rancher cluster with Kubernetes 1.18.6.