Install dex and Istio on microk8s

Hi everyone,

Please I want to ask if it is possible to install dex and istio on microk8s in order to get kubeflow running?

Links to resources will be much appreciated.

MicroK8s comes with kubeflow addon.
microk8s enable kubeflow. If you need the complete set of kubeflow components, you need a beefy machine though.

Thanks. I was able to do that. I am more concerned about installing dex and istio on microk8s.

Yes you can install istio and dex into MicroK8s.
Its just kubernetes anyway. :grin:

Okay. Please can I ask how?

Unfortunately I’ve not tried dex. I can’t help much on that.

MicroK8s comes with istio addon. But its not the latest istio. I suppose you can follow the istio documentation on how to install istio. It should work.