MicroK8s on ARM64 - addons (istio, knative...) missing?

Hi, I’ running a microK8s cluster on 6 Rasperry Pis with Ubuntu server. The installation with snap and setting up the cluster was a breeze (thx to really exellent docu and software :slight_smile: )
I’m doing this for study and would like to hone and practice my little unix skills as well.
Unfortunatly, ISTIO and KNATIVE are NOT in the list of addons (microk8s status -w).
Trying to enable them runs into a “Nothing to do for …” message
Any Help appreciated! Do I do something wrong?
Kind regards

Kubernetes version: 1.18 microK8s
Cloud being used: bare metal :slight_smile:
Installation method: snap
Host OS: ubuntu server 19 (buster/sid)
platform linux/arm64 (Raspberry PI 4 w. Ubuntu ARM v8)


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