Microk8s 1.12 stable release!



Microk8s is a kubernetes cluster delivered as a single snap package, and can be installed on any Linux distribution supported by snaps (https://snapcraft.io/). Microk8s is small and simple to install, and is a great way to stand up a cluster quickly for development and testing.

Install microk8s and follow the latest stable upstream release:

snap install microk8s --classic

Alternatively, set the channel to install a specific upstream release series:

snap install microk8s --classic --channel=1.12/stable

Release Changelog

  • Stable releases of 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
  • Private registry addon (microk8s.enable registry)
  • GPU addon (microk8s.enable gpu)
  • Istio v1.0.0 addon (microk8s.enable istio)
  • Metrics server (microk8s.enable metrics-server)
  • Inspect command for deployment troubleshooting (microk8s.inspect)
  • CNI updated to v0.7.1
  • Bug fixes:
    • Ship socat in the snap
    • Metrics for pods are now available in the grafana dashboard addon
    • ZFS utilities are now shipped with the snap
    • microk8s.reset will now remove all resources

For more information on microk8s, or to contribute to the project, check out the repo at https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s, or chat with us on the Kubernetes Slack (http://slack.k8s.io), in the #microk8s channel!


Might also be worth pointing to docs at microk8s.io