Kubernetes Office hours for June 19

Fellow Kubernauts!

Just a reminder that our user office hours are this Wednesday, with one session for EMEA at 2pm UTC (6am PDT). Click through to youtube and click the bell to get a reminder.

Office hours are a livestream that we do on the Kubernetes YouTube channel. Our panel of experts will take questions from #office-hours on slack and then answer them in real time.

If you’ve got good Kubernetes experience and want to share it with the community then you are also encouraged to sit on our panel of experts, ping me offlist and we’ll get you set up, we’re always looking for volunteers to help our users! You can find all the meeting information and instructions here:

Feel free to use this thread to link up questions you’d like to see us address, woo!

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Just a reminder that we’re going live in about an hour!

Hoping that a question can be addressed if it’s only posted here:

My team and I are currently working on setting up our stage- and production clusters, and we’re planning on hosting services aimed at both external customers and (company) internal teams. For the internal services, we have some company demands on to what extent internal services can be accessible (internal network/vpn etc), which are different from the external ones.

My question is: Would you say namespaces and other built in separators are enough to set up internal and external services in the same cluster, in order to gain the advantages it brings, or would you say it requires the use of one entirely internal and one entirely external cluster, to keep things sufficiently separated?


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Here are the links for all the things we discussed in today’s show:

And if you didn’t check out the video, the concensus around @oscarlo’s question was to keep internal and external services on two separate clusters if possible, more detail in the session video linked up top!