Kubernetes The Hard Way - Clarifications

I’m working through Kelsey Hightower’s Kubernetes the Hard Way. I’m confident following the documentation provided but there seem to be pieces missing (which is probably just some chunk of common knowledge I’m missing) and if I can get some basic clarification here and there I think I can handle the rest.

First things first.

I’ve worked through the prerequisites with Google Cloud, and booted up an instance of Google Compute Engine to see a little bit about how it works. I have a Google Cloud SDK Shell connection open. One of the things Hightower recommends is tmux. My first sticking point is here. He uses the wget command, but GCE doesn’t seem to recognize that command. I know wget is a tool like curl, but neither HIghtower’s documentation nor the Cloud SDK documentation refer to how wget should be installed.

Since tmux isn’t required, I considered skipping to the next step, but the next step also requires wget and only lists options for OS X and Linux, whereas I’m running the SDK Shell from Windows. The format makes me think Hightower is perhaps not referring the SDK Shell at all, but a CLI for a virtual machine but nowhere in the KTHW documentation (up to this point) does it talk about creating a virtual machine. I actually used curl to (apparently) download the cfssl and cfssljson using the SDK Shell, but I don’t think it’s meant to be done that way and the verification certainly doesn’t work in any case.

Any clarification would be appreciated; I’m trying to go from zero to hero but the missing pieces aren’t making it easy for me.