Migration from Openshift to Kubernetes

We are in process of Migrating Microservices applications from Openshift to Kubernetes in AWS Cloud.

Can somebody tell as to what all (checklist) needs to be taken care.

Any Web link will help.

Not sure there is one, sorry :frowning:

Never used open shift, so I don’t really know. Sorry

Migrating from OpenShift to Kubernetes shouldn’t be too hard as long as you’re not using the OpenShift exclusive resources like OAuthClient. Really that’s the only big thing that comes to mind.

One of the teams I work with had to migrate an app made for Openshift and the translation was pretty easy.

Only a few of the objects had to be renamed to be Kubernetes objects types, for example ingresses were named routes, and I think they had a different name for deployments as well. Aside from that we didn’t encounter any major problems.