Poll: What kind of small, one topic videos would you like to see?

Hello everyone!

Last month @sttts did a quick code base tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqB_le-N6EE

This was something we just recorded in Zoom without a script or any of the usual “Hey let’s make a video” overhead.

I’ve been thinking that this sort of adhoc 5-7 minute topic videos for things people want to see would be useful. Long videos tend to not get viewed as much but I think keeping it under 10 would be perfect. It would enable us to just hop on a zoom and record one out without taking up too much of people’s time. It would probably also work out better to have a bunch of small topics in one list instead of one long video.

What sort of topics would you like so see covered?


Hi @castrojo,

As k8s-Controllers or Operators use workqueue to keep its state. It would be nice to go quick deep-dive into the workqueue package to understand its implementation and how it is used by controllers.


@suvi29 I think you may find this interesting while diving into that topic.